Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Latest Creation: Compost

We have hit upon a stunning new conversation stopper: saving all food scraps for compost and for the new worms. Seriously -- it just leaves people speechless. Maybe they think it's gross, or maybe it's just not nice conversation at dinner. Maybe people just don't want to deal with the reality of their trash for an extended amount of time. Who knows? Scrap-saving is actually super-easy, and if you cook a lot, it's something that's worth doing. I started thinking about it last year and figuring out how we would make it happen in our kitchen after reading this article. And now I try even more to avoid wasting anything I buy because of this.

So we have a scrap bag that we keep in the freezer, and once we have a few of them full, we drop their contents into the compost bins at Urban Farms or hand a bag or two over to Steve for his plunge into vermiculture. Since we started it this year, we have very little trash to put out on trash day, the trash can does not reek, and overall, it has become an easy habit to adopt. It also has opened our eyes to the fact that just about everything -- egg shells, dryer lint, vegetable and fruit peels, seeds, core, leafy tops, whatever -- can be and is supposed to be used again.

Photos by Austin Grisham

On to procuring our own worms and our own compost bin soon. Not to be preachy, though -- this is actually kind of fun.

Do you compost? If so, what is your method?